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Our first album, released in 2016, includes 16 pop-dance-electronic tracks: the first word of the title is a play on words about "alien" and "aglio" (the italian term for garlic). Several vocalists took part in this album, as you can read in the tracklist below.

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You can buy our music CD "Aglien Discomix" at Danex Records, the music store in Florence selling our CDs: write to [email protected].

Price: 10.00 euros plus shipping.


1. "Sorella Stellare" 3.35 Vocals by Caporione d'Orione.
2. "Post Tenebras Remix" 3.44 Vocals by La Vecchina dell'Aceto, Remix by DJoNemesis & Lilly.
3. "Aglien" 3.41 Vocals by Ufficiali Stellari and Matres Alienorum.
4. "Vecchia come te" 3.48 Vocals by Stella Demaris.
5. "La Terra Cava" 3.25 Vocals by DJoNemesis Feat. Luca Cava.
6. "Sono stata richiamata al cimitero" 2.56 Vocals by Ritanne du Lac Feat. Babbo Laseggiola.
7. "Bacia solo me" 3.10 Vocals by Dorien Dorion and Amiche Spaziali.
8. "Messaggi dal cosmo" 3.34 Vocals by Mauna Ki and Didier Lumière.
9. "Poveri grulli" 3.27 Leading Vocals by Roxandria d'Egitto, Backing Vocals by Stella Demaris.
10. "Spazionalità" 3.43 Vocals by Madame Assatanée.
11. "Le Sciantose Aliene Remix" 3.14 Vocals by Figli d'Orione, Remix by DJoNemesis & Lilly.
12. "Sorelle, sante e suppliziate" 4.05 Vocals by Christine de Poladoc and Dorien Dorion.
13. "Coordinate Est Est Est fino a Montefiascone" 3.31 Vocals by DJoNemesis and Mauna Ki.
14. "Sturati le orecchie" 2.52 Vocals by Ritanne du Lac and Monna Liena Feat. Monsieur Robotique.
15. "Utenze telefoniche aliene" 2.55 Vocals by DJoNemesis Feat. Fabienne de Cours.
16. "Planet X" 3.58 Vocals by Joseph de Suces and La Vecchina dell'Aceto Feat. Controllo Base Luna.


Produced by Fabio Nocentini and Giuseppe Ciucci.

Sound Engineering: DJoNemesis & Lilly, Fabien de La Noisette.
Recorded at the Pleyad Studios in Florence and Turin, Italy.
Copyright © 2016, Fratelli Stellari - All rights reserved

All the instrumental tracks used in this recording are allowed for creating derivative songs and for commercial uses, according to Creative Commons Licenses 3.0 and 4.0.

Some music pieces wer composed by Kevin MacLeod and Jason Shaw.



Below: some of the singers performing in "Aglien Discomix"

Dorien Dorion
Stella Demaris
Ritanne du Lac
La Vecchina dell'Aceto
Didier Lumière
Madame Assatanée
Matres Alienorum
Christine de Poladoc
Mauna Ki, also known as Sarah Ley
Roxandria d'Egitto
Joseph de Suces