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Dorien Dorion is an artist belonging to the group Fratelli Stellari. Born in Florence (Italy), he is a singer, a musician and a cabaret artist; he is also the artistic director of the group. His voice appears in some songs, for example "Sorelle, sante e suppliziate" (included in the album "Aglien Discomix"), "El Misterio del Espacio" (included in the album "Nightflight to Planet X") and "50 Sfumature di Alieno" ("Fifty Shades of Alien", a single track). Dorien loves cats and flying saucers; he is also interested in some esoteric disciplines, such as oracle cards, astrology and dowsing.

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"Egyptian Sands" is the first digital album by Dorien Dorion: released on January 2018 by Pleyad Studios, it is dedicated to the tradition of belly dance. Dorien is the composer and the rapper; he was inspired by ethnic music, particularly by the typical melodies of North African countries. This 8 track album is also dedicated to the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, such as Pyramids, the Sphinx, Bastet the Cat Goddess... but the greater mystery of all is that of alien traces over or under the sands!

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1. "Queen of the Desert"   3:21

2. "The Hidden Chamber"   4:17

3. "Under the Sphinx" Feat. Fratelli Stellari   3:29

4. "The Cat Goddess"   3:22

5. "La Nuit du Pharaon"   3:20

6. "Rhythm of the Nile" Feat. DJoNemesis   4:08

7. "El Templo de Horus"   4:20

8. "Egyptian Sands Instrumental Mix"   6:23

Music and lyrics composed by Dorien Dorion, except for track no. 6: lyrics by DJoNemesis.

Vocals by Dorien Dorion, DJoNemesis and Fratelli Stellari.


Below: "Egyptian Sands Instrumental"

Below: Dorien Dorion and Lord Syrius performing "Sorella Stellare", Live Music

Below: Madame Lapress and Dorien Dorion Live in Florence

Below: DJ Dorion at the Mixing Console

Dorien during a performance at

Nardini Bookstore

Florence, February 12th 2015.

Dorien Dorion at the mixing console

Steampunk Style

Orion's Gold

Please Look Into My Eyes

Below: Cabaret with Dorien Dorion and Lady Green

Below: "Aglien" feat. Dorien Dorion and Ritanne du Lac