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"I Fratelli Stellari, gruppo di musicisti dall’animo felino e… alieno"

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I gatti sono compagni e muse per gli artisti. O quantomeno, lo sono per i musicisti e gli artisti della musica in genere, come dimostrano Orazio Saracino e la sua “Musette” e il pezzo di musica classica, scritto nientemeno che per due soprani, “Duetto buffo di due gatti”. Tra gli artisti affascinati dalla magia del gatto c’è anche un altro gruppo, che senza dubbio merita l’attenzione dei gattofili: i Fratelli Stellari. A raccontare a GcomeGatto di questo gruppo è stato Giuseppe DJoNemesis Ciucci, uno dei membri fondatori... continua


A review to our musical album "Aglien Discomix" on Yeah I Know It Sucks

Perhaps you are Italian, or perhaps you are coming from another part of the world with human made and claimed borders… But wherever you are from, you probably know that Italians know how to throw a party. Spanish people know it very well too, but let’s not widen the perspective too much as we might get hopelessly confused.

Italians have this thing for creating a natural good time among each other. They will pop bottles of wine, enjoy their cooking skills and sweet cakes & mostly enjoy their friendly and jolly atmospheres of friends and whoever they had brought along. If there is a organ or a guitar in the house this must be played in the middle of the night, as they will have to sing along to their favorite songs while somebody always seem to have brought a bongo along. I don’t know, Italians are pretty much good at enjoying life and throwing a party. Spanish people too, but let’s keep indeed focused on Italia.

There is a lot of crazy music in Italy, lots of early electro pop and disco, flamboyant weirdness and other outer worldly material. And that’s why it doesn’t really come as a huge surprise that the country is infested with aliens. You won’t notice them so quickly as they are all covered up in human costumes (not clothes, but humans as the actual clothes) and in these parties filled vibes nobody would notice them living among them. In fact they are accepted as if they ore one of their own, and perhaps even grow in the middle point of theses brewing parties not because they are actual aliens, but because they are the once dancing in the middle or in fact the once responsible for the music that you would dance upon.

Fratelli Stellari is such a band in Italy consisting of undercover aliens that aren’t too afraid to blow away their cover. In fact they are pretty much in your face with honesty where they have come from & why they have come down to earth. They are from the Orion belt and they have come down to earth, Italy, to DANCE and party!

Their Italian language is fluent, and they don’t seem to speak or sing in any other foreign space language, which means they are not only very intelligent; they also are integrated and respectful to their hosting country. And Italy must be on their part happy to have these aliens among them as they are not just there to invite themselves to the already existing party vibes; no Fratelli Stellari (Star Brothers) are in fact adding more music to the whole scenery of partying Italians.

Their brand of disco, funk, chill, and electric supersonic material is perfectly infiltrated in the surrounded culture that it will be hard for immigration to send them back up to space again. It might be a good time to find a bottle of wine, get some sweets, invite some funny friends and play this alien band their latest album, as after all we must appreciate and spread the alien message of funky disco dancing!